Swyysh Topshot NBA Week 16 Fantasy Picks (04/25/21)

Week 15 Recap

You know a player is playing out of his mind when Vegas will actually give you more money if he does not achieve a triple double. That is right we are talking about a man who does it routinely Russell Westbrook. While I’d love to pat my back on this one when it comes to the assist category, he is owning it. Draymond Green couldn’t even catch him with 19 assist the other night.

“Get out of my house”. When it comes to blocks turned out not playing Myles Turner was a great play this week as it has been announced he will be out an extended period with an ankle injury. My pick was Rudy Gobert this week with a 3 games stint, he only had 3 games this week and his first two games were dismal only totaling 4 blocks this week, maybe he can make it up against a dismal Minnesota team. It is highly unlikely though, especially for anyone who had the foresight to play Jakob Poeltl, who has crushed it his past two games garnering 10 blocks this week with a game tonight.

Chef Curry is the best 3 point shooter we will ever see in our lifetime, this week he has 19 3 pointers with a single game to go. I seen several teams go Bertans this week, while he is good, he is not holding a candle to Steph. Stick with him and prosper, injuries or strategy are the only way I am not rolling him out.

2 Pointer category was a tricky one this week and I let you guys down. As I said if Beal plays Monday I would regret not playing him this week and he played. Currently he has the most 2 Pointers in the league this week as of early Saturday. De’Aaron Fox is expected to miss 10-14 days, do to unseen circumstances this pick did not pan out. Embiid was rolling this week though, a shoulder injury is going to have him sitting out of Saturdays game. Which is sad because I believe this last game would have set him over the edge.

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Players and Teams to Avoid Week 16

Detroit, Golden State, Indiana, Los Angeles Clips, and New York Knicks all have 3 games this week. Last week we had 11 Teams with less than 4 games, so this week with only 5, it is kind of a breathe of fresh air. There is not a ton of players to avoid this week, which is a good thing.

Draymond Green is one player I will be personally avoiding. Draymond contributes in steals, blocks and assist pretty regularly, so I can see people utilizing him in these categories. However this week with only 3 games, I don’t think he will put enough numbers to stay viable.

Julius Randle does not have a block or steal moment but does both exceptionally well. While he does not have a moment yet, he is someone to keep an eye on when he does. Since the category is block and steal, someone who does both will hold a lot of value.

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Nifty Picks for Week 16

In the comments below name one current NBA Player that can go toe to toe at the 3 Point line with Steph Curry. As I stated above, outside of injury there is no one that can do it. I am going Curry here.

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When it comes to blocks, one name stands out, especially with a 5 game slate and that name is Chris Boucher. It is however unfortunate that he is dealing with a sprained MCL. Jaren Jackson Jr, would be another good pick here but he does not have a block moment. Rudy Gobert is the easy pick here, so I don’t blame you for going with him, but I’m banking on Jakob Poeltl keeping it going in the 4 game slate.

Kyrie and Ja Morant came up big with assist this week. Chris Paul is always a cheaper option that seems to produce. Doncic has a 5 game slate and gets plenty of assist. It has almost come impossible to not play Russell Westbrook with James Harden not playing. There is not many other players who are shoe in for 10 a night like Russ.

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As always, we have 2 picks in the 2pt category. Both my guys last week were injured in the same week, brutal blow. Beal did pan out though for anyone who gambled. The show must go on, we start fresh every week. With 5 games slated for my first pick, I feel really good about this guy. His name? Luka Doncic, barring injury, if you do not play him this week, an L will likely be taken for this category.

Ja Morant has been balling lately but many of his points are also coming from 3s. You also couldn’t really go wrong with Jokic or Giannis here. I know Sexton also came up big here this week. Consistency being king here, I prefer Zion. Zion scores 2s that is just what he does, he is a beast and his schedule is soft towards the end of the week with the Thunder and Timberwolves.

Value Moment of the Week

The LaMelo Cool Cats master challenge is coming soon, and you’ll need every Cool Cats moment for it. It will no doubt be the biggest redemption moment to date. When it comes to the rarest marketplace Cool Cat moment it is what you thought it was, the Luka moment at (252 available). You maybe surprised to find this out, but Rui Hachimura is in 2nd place with even less available at currently only 236 listings for sale. While he has less available, his moment is substantially cheaper at around $175 at the time of this article. As the number goes down and the LaMelo Cool Cat challenge comes around. I expect this number could rise substantially. This is by no means financial advice, please make your own decisions. The Content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Rui Hachimura, Assist Cool Cats (Series 2)
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