Getting to Know Benjamin Brand

My Journey

As a kid growing up I was always into computers, I remember my first typing class distinctly, the Teacher had a cardboard cutout surrounding our keyboards. She would dim the lights and tell us to type, if she caught you looking or lifting the cardboard, she would come by with ruler and whack the cardboard. I remember slowly getting better at typing and thoroughly enjoy the process of doing so. From then on out, I made sure to sign up for any computer classes moving forward.

So, it is fair to say, I have been interested in the latest technology advancements since the dial up days. A colleague of mine turned me on to crypto back in 2013, at the time I decided to diversify and collect many different crypto coins in many different wallets, during my endeavor one of the markets ended up shutting down and stealing all the coins I had in that particular market. I knew at the time, that it was a possibility but in order to swap coins, you had to have coins in the market. I still had many different crypto coins in my wallet but decided it wasn’t for me after that whole fiasco, and the difficulty of converting crypto into actual cash at the time.

Fast forward 4 years later to 2017, a point where I was much more into the stock market, CNBC started talking about the rise of Bitcoin. I went looking for my old PC, to check my hard drive and wallets, to see if perhaps any of the coins were worth money. Sure enough, I had enough (mostly D-Notes) coins to convert my other cryptos into 1 BTC. I found a market that would turn my existing coins to BTC, shortly after converting to 1 Bitcoin, a couple weeks later Bitcoin had just hit $2K.

I thought this was amazing, considering my coin investment was $0 real dollars outside of the power consumption and wear and tear on my hardware. I decided to sell at that time, I than decided to purchase a beefier Video card and decided to mine again using Nice Hash for awhile until they had issues of their own. I now realize, It was the wrong time to cash out of BTC but the long game prevailed enough for me to keep my ear to the ground in the future.

While I have had minor investments in BTC, Dogecoin and Ethereum, I was not really not heavy in the space. NFTGod reached out to me in early January and told me about NBA Topshot and NFTs. I was apprehensive as I seen what Panini was putting out with digital cards and I was not impressed. When I dove into TopShot though, I was instantly pulled in, the UI on the website, the NBA backing and the opportunity to be on the ground level was intriguing to me. I jumped in with what I was comfortable spending and it has turned out to be a worth while investment.

This started a snowball effect for me, where I was finding more, and more exciting info about NFT’s. I actually started to look at different NFT Projects, and get more and more interested in NFT Art. Before NFTs, I only knew the big artist like Banksy, Justin Roiland, Mike Judge, Picasso, etc. Now I have a genuine appreciation for guys like Greg Mike, Fvckrender, Alex Solis, Fewocious, and more.

Here we are 4 months later, I am trying to buy virtual horses (ZedRun), I am parking Deloreans in my drive virtually (VeVe). I am trying to become a Dolphin ($Whale), and I am still into NBATopShot. The coolest thing about the space is it only seems to be getting better and better and quickly too.

My Credentials

My love for writing began when I was 11 years old, I would write short stories just for fun. When I turned 16, I thought I was going to be like Eminem and started writing raps. Then in my late 20s my buddy acquired a small business and I started doing some writing and marketing for them. I also had my own blog pre-Covid, The Tech Consultant Reviews that garnered around 500 views each post. Most recently outside of this blog, I’ve assisted in writing some documentation for a fortune 500 company.

Back in middle school, I dreamed of making it to the NBA. While a 6’2″ Small Forward became a very unattainable goal, I’ve still remained an avid Basketball fan ever since. While I have not wrote about Basketball on a professional level before, I do have keen sense for talent. I actually have screenshots on my phone texting buddies on who the Pistons should’ve taken dating all the way back to Ty Lawson.

I am also an avid fantasy sports fanatic who ranks highly in both basketball and football. When I am not working, or hanging out with the kids, I am eating or breathing new tech and sports. My local team is the Detroit Pistons, and I will always root for them, especially Saben Lee, but they are like a toilet seat at a Bridal Shower, they keep letting me down.

Where does Benjamin Brand come from, back in 2009 I was convinced I was going to make a clothing brand. When I was thinking of names one stood out above all else, Benjamin Brand. I started grabbing the handle everywhere but when I dove into the initial cost, it was just too expensive at the time. Still to this day, I love the handle though, so it stuck.

Outside of my love for sports and all things technology related.  I enjoy working out, hiking, basketball, golfing, disc golf, and traveling. You can find me on Twitter: @BenjaminBrand and TikTok: @akaBenjaminBrand

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