Swyysh Topshot NBA Week 14 Fantasy Picks (04/11/21)

What is Swyysh?

Whether you are in the “Swyysh” or “$Whale” league, the incentives are heavy for winning the weekly leagues. We are talking packs or $1,000 in Whale Token, which only seems to be going up by the way.

Swyysh Leagues are by far the easiest to get started with. All you need is an NBA Topshot account and 5 moments of the following type: (2) Dunk/Jump Shot/Layup, (1) 3 Pointer, (1) Assist/Handles, (1) Block/Steal. Once you have those 5 moments, make a showcase in your NBA Topshot account, consisting of those 5 cards. Make sure it includes either “Swyysh” or “Whale” in the name, it’s your entry ticket to the League.

The showcase is all you need to participate. Copy your showcase link and then head over to https://app.swyysh.com/ to participate and paste the showcase-link into the designated box on this website. Submissions are due each Sunday midnight EST. After that, your line-up will be locked for the week. At any time, you can retrieve your score by pasting the showcase-link into the box.

Players and Teams to Avoid Week 14

Eight teams have three games this week. Four of them have some big time player implications that the casual fantasy basketball player may not notice. The first team is Denver. Although Jokic has been an overall pretty valuable in the 2 Pointer and Assist categories, he is a player you will want to avoid Week 14. He has a 3 game slate, with a tough matchup against the Heat on Wednesday. Houston and the Warriors do not scare me, but there are other big name guys available with 4 games (see below).

Another Team is Atlanta. Trae Young is starting to become a weekly assist leader but with only three games next week, he is best to be avoided for the time being.

The biggest fantasy contributor who is going to hurt a lot of lineups next week is Giannis, yes the Greek Freak and the Bucks are also play only three games next week, and for those not paying attention, they may end up with a true lineup killer.

Lilliard and the Blazers also won’t be blazing that 3pt leaderboard next week with only three games. The other four Teams with only three games are Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, and Philadelphia.

Nifty Picks for Week 14

While it is tough to predict a week ahead of time, I do have some guys I am eyeing for week 14 (obviously injury dependent). 3pt category is pretty easy, if Chef Curry is back, it is a no brainer. Honorable mentions: Duncan Robinson and Buddy Hield.

Next category we will dive into is Blocks. You could go for Steals, but the data we reviewed, we found it is more beneficial to focus on blocks. My pick this week is Rudy Gobert. You could go with the cheaper option in Bouchard but I think Gobert will lead the category this week. Some notables that do not have a block moment yet are Capela and Isaiah Stewart, both of these guys may become valuable if they end up with a block moment in the future, so keep an eye out for their release.

For Assists, my man Harden is a beast in that category. However, he cannot seem to stay healthy. If he is healthy, I would lean towards him. Kyrie is also a sneaky value, but his moment costs $5,000 and there is the potential return of James Harden. So, it is difficult to recommend him as well. The sneakiest value here would be Randle, but he doesnt have a moment in this category yet. Be on the lookout for when he does. With that, my pick for this week is going to Westbrook. For a lot less money you can get similar value with Paul, but if Harden’s status is still up in the air I would go with Westy.

For the 2pt category, we need 2 picks. My first pick is going to be Doncic. And my second recommendation is Booker. I know many people here will be up in arms that I did not pick Fox, especially with the Kings’ easy slate, but I just prefer the consistency and matchups Booker has this week. Derozan is another candidate because he had a good March that could very well continue into April. Their upcoming Magic game alone is maybe worth the pick.

Value Moment of the Week

James Harden is injured but since his move to PG he is one of the most sought off assist leaders in the category. I believe this led to even during the down market his two Legendary Assist moments to skyrocket. Compare this with the rest of his moments and you can see the correlation. One big thing happened with the Seeing Stars pack release that was overlooked by many collectors. For the Assist category in Swyysh, Handles moments also works for the assist category. What does that mean? Well a James Harden Seeing Stars Handles Moment was released which is huge for Swyysh, after the challenge and his injury the card was severely overlooked and dropped hard along with all the other Seeing Star moments. Once he comes back healthy and more people realize this, I think this moment has the potential to 2X in less than a Month. The Content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

James Harden, Seeing Stars (Handles)
Ben is a well-connected writer whose been involved in the Cryptoworld since 2011. He was an early adopter of NBA Topshot joining in January 2021. Twitter Me @BenjaminBrand

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